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A Trusted Partner Providing Security Services in all of Texas and Louisiana Through Our Corporate Offices in Richardson, TX, and Ferriday, LA

Over 20 years of combined experience in ensuring safety, protection, and peace of mind for our clients.

Tiger Solutions Group began as a Houston, Texas-based firm and has rapidly expanded its service area to cover both Texas and the State of Louisiana by offering a full range of private security and executive protection across both states.

Our highly trained licensed and insured agents are commonly known as bodyguards, security officers, or more commonly personal protection agents and are available to you both domestically and abroad, providing comprehensive protection in various challenging situations.

If you need executive protection, risk assessment, event security, private investigation, fire watch services, workplace violence, disaster relief, product escort, pipeline security, and active shooter training services, our specialized agents are trained and equipped to handle your needs.

We take pride in our team of professional agents by recruiting both active and former law enforcement and military personnel and by hiring individuals with proven experience to fill our private security positions. This ensures that our clients receive the highest level of expertise and competence.

Our Approach

We prioritize our customers’ needs above all else. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional protection and ensure your utmost satisfaction with every assignment. You can rely on our expertise and dedication to keeping you safe and secure.

Our Story

Tiger Solutions Group is a family-owned and operated private security and executive protection firm based in Texas and Louisiana. With years of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation for excellence and reliability. Our extensive knowledge and skills enable us to provide top-notch security services tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.

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Meet Our Team

Tiger Solutions Group is a family-owned and operated private security and executive protection firm based in Texas and Louisiana.



Ms. Self is a well-established entrepreneur with a history of innovative and successful business opportunities. Prior to launching Tiger Solutions in 2018, she founded Austin Door Refinishing in 2015 and created a successful exit after demonstrating consistent revenue growth. Prior to these endeavors, she enjoyed a long-standing career in the legal field working with two prestigious law firms specializing in corporate mergers and insurance defense. She spent time in Washington, DC, and Austin, Texas areas for over 15 years where she established herself within the business community.

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Tim Poole

Tim co-founded Tiger Solutions Group in 2018. He brings extensive experience in law enforcement, private security, investigations and executive protection.

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David Self

David took over day to day operations in 2019 and brings 25 years of sales and marketing experience with a heavy focus on customer relations for the private security sector.

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Director of Texas
Lucas Dao

As a Marine Corps veteran, Lucas entered the private security field as a private security officer agent in 2010. He later became an account manager with various Los Angeles based security firms. He eventually settled in Texas and joined Tiger Solutions Group in 2023. Lucas’ leadership, background and extensive expertise in private security makes him a great addition to the team.

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Director of Louisiana
Tim Houghton

Tim joined the team in 2022 launching Tiger Solutions Group Louisiana in early 2023. His background includes law enforcement, EMS services, private security, and executive protection with an emphasis on compliance.

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DFW Area Manager
Cody Bliss

Cody brings 10+ years of experience in the private security and executive protection field.

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San Antonio Area Manager
Dale McEntire

Dale brings 20+ years of experience in the private security and executive protection field.

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Executive Administrator
Ian Self

Ian has ben invaluable since he joined the team in 2021. He is currently a commissioned officer in the state of Texas and will soon be a certified personal protection officer.

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Payroll Coordinator /Veterans Affairs Specialist
Erwin Dilley

Erwin joined Tiger Solutions Group in 2020. He worked 28 years as a Fireman/EMT and served 35 years in the Louisiana Army National Guard/United States Army. He is licensed in private security and executive protection in both Texas and Louisiana.

Q Manager/ Austin Area Manager
Tony Sanchez

Tony joined the team in 2021. He brings extensive years in law enforcement and compliance. Tony is also a private security and executive protection instructor in the state of Texas.

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